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We are a company that manufactures high and low voltage switchboards, control panels, distribution boards, PDUs, and more on a custom-ordered basis according to specifications provided by the client. We fully involve ourselves in everything from design to sheet-metal processing, paint-application work, assembly, inspections, and the provision of after-purchase services and can flexibly accommodate requests made by our clients.

An integrated in-house production system has been established under a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. In addition, we engage in environmentally friendly production activities that conform to environmental management standards according to ISO 14001.

Integrated in-house production

01Client meetings

Client meetings on specifications

After ascertaining the client’s requests, optimal specifications are proposed. Meetings are held repeatedly until an agreement on specifications that are to the complete satisfaction of the client is reached.


Preparation of client-meeting drawings, approval drawings, and production drawings

Drawings established through meetings with the client and approval drawings are prepared for the process of designing a solution based on approved plans. For the process of designing a solution based on production plans, sheet-metal drawings, wiring diagrams, and NC turret punching press programs are prepared and busbars are designed.

03Sheet-metal processing

Chassis production through sheet-metal processing

Sheet-metal processingSteel sheets are punched (holes are punched or notches are formed in steel sheets) and bent into shape, screws and metal fittings are welded into place, and assembly through welding is carried out (steel sheets are welded together to create a chassis) before finishing work is undertaken.

04Paint-application work

Pretreatment of and painting the chassis

For pretreatment of the chassis, completed sheet-metal parts are degreased, washed, and subject to the application of a rust-prevention film-formation coating before being drained and dried to remove any trace of moisture. Powder-based and solvent-based paint is then applied before the chassis is baked and dried.


Putting together the equipment and installing the wiring

The painted chassis is outfitted with fittings and electrical components and properly wired.


Internal inspection and joint inspection

Inspections are conducted by primarily focusing on 4 items: (1) external appearance and structure, (2) key components, (3) insulation-resistance measurements and withstanding voltage, and (4) sequencing operations.


Delivery by way of vehicular shipment

A delivery is carried out by packaging the item with protective vinyl and transporting it to the location designated by the client at the designated time by truck (vehicular shipment).

08After-purchase services

Regular inspections and modifications

Switchboards are subject to periodic maintenance inspections, modifications, and other after-purchase services.

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